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Mauro Caiazza initiates his way in the art at 11 years old of his age, studing Folk and Tango in the Integrate School of Dance “EL Chúcaro”, in Perez's city. On the following year he travels to New York with a local group, integrating the delegation representative of the Republic Argentina.
After 8 years of study, Mauro obtains the Teacher's title of Native Dances and Folk with the best average in the institute “El Cimarron”. These years, with the ballet “El Chucaro”, he dance in differents festivals and competiotions of all the country, like also in theWORLD FOLKLOREADA in Czech Republic and Hungary (2004), where they dance 80 delegations more of all parts of the world. In his adolescence he begins to be interested increasingly in the Tango and discovers that this one was his great passion, motive which he begins to study with different teachers. In this time also he incorporates into his studies other such disciplines like  jazz, salsa, contemporany and air acrobatics, these studies it helped and until today, they it help to find his search in the style and the way of dancing.
In 2006 he realizes a tour to Mexico, and also he dance in the National Festival "Cosquín" together with the recognized artist Soledad Pastorutti. He participed of the program Big Values of the Tango, by Silvio Soldán. And he integrates the company MORA GODOY.
In 2007 he was part of the show TANGORAMA, directed by Mora Godoy and Gustavo Zajac, in the house of tango "Madero Tango". In the same year he integrates the company LATIN DANCE directed by Junior Cervila. He won the first prize in cople of Tango and the revelation prize of the year in the competition of Pergamino. In the same year Mauro is part of the show "The Commemoration in the day of the dance" in the theatre Alvear of Buenos Aires.
In 2008 he did an international tour to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia with the spectacle SHINE. On the returned he danced at the theatre Lola Membrives with the spectacle MORA. Later he integrates the company TANGO FEELING directed by Carolina Soler, and the spectacle in the Astral theatre. Then he realizes a tour to China, with the company Mora Godoy. Later he was a member of the show of the closing of THE GLASS DAVIS and of the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CINEMA in Mar del Plata. Also he integrates the show of the "Viejo Almacen", famous house of tango, in our country.
In 2009 he returns to be part of  international festival "Cosquín" together with Soledad Pastorutti, and in the festival of 135 years of Mar del Plata together with the above mentioned singer and to Mercedes Sosa. Then he travels to The United States to integrate the show "ND'S FIRE" in the hotel casino RIO in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the company VIASHOW directed by Nicole Durr. After six months he decides to return to Buenos Aires and realizes a tour to El Salvador with the company “Mestizaje Tango” directed by Francisco Forquera and Carolina Bonaventura, and he integrates the show "Señor Tango" in Buenos Aires.
In 2010 he did a tour to Chile, Peru and Colombia with the company of Mora Godoy. Then he leads an advertising for NEVSKY CENTER promoted in Russia. Also he realizes a tour to Mexico, special guest in the program TV DE NOCHE, of Televisa Mexico. He was part of the juror of TorneosBonaerenses in Zarate's city. And he did a new tour to China with the Mora Godoy Company.
In 2011 he realizes a tour to Naples, Italy, he participed of the "Festival of The Woman". When he come back to Buenos Aires he dance for some months in the ROJO TANGO SHOW in the Faena Hotel. Also he forms part of BACARDI'S publicity promoted in Latin America. And he realizes a tour to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia taking part of the festival "Tango Blizt". In August he integrates the company FOREVER TANGO, realizing a tour in The United States. Then he returns to travel to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and he is summoned also to be employed at The Philippines, returns to The United States to teach in Hawái.
In January, 2012 Mauro integrates the new work of Gustavo Santaolalla "ARRABAL", directed by Sergio Trujillo and choreographed by Julio Zurita, with the music of BAJO FONDO. In April is called for the musician and director HECTOR DEL CURTO to dance in the “HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL – I FEST” in USA and he travel to MEXICO to teach a special workshop to professional dancers and teachers. In June he go to Sydney, Australia and Indonesia to teach and after that they contract him to participate one month in the EXPO YEOSU 2012 in Korea, where he dance every night in the show of the Argentine Pavilion and he did special shows with artist like, Guillermo Fernandez, Peteco Caravajal and el quintet Real Argentino. And he was part of the special group of dancer of the last show of the Expo, that was in national Korean TV. After that he teach in Malasya, Singapur and Indonesia

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