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Jaimes Friedgen
North American tango phenomenon Jaimes Friedgen jails from a family of dancers and artists and has since early childhood been immersed in a world of creative movement. With extensive training as a gymnast and a background in a variety of performing arts, including theater, music and many forms of dance, Jaimes came upon tango at the age of fifteen. He has since learned from and worked with many of the most respected figures in the tango world and remains unclassifiable, transcendent of style and category. He has spent several years dancing, teaching, ans performing throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and always continues to explore new territory within the dance. As on of the most popular teachers in the U.S. today, it is not surprising that he is often booked more than a year in advance. He is well respected by his peers for his creativity, musicality and deep insight into the inner workings of the dance. Countless tango teachers both in the States and abroad have benefited from studying with Jaimes. He is driven to be a full time tango teacher by his love of watching people continually grow and blossom through their exploration of tango, and feels fortunate to be a part of the process. He is also a dynamic performer, and has brought much inspiration to dancers everywhere through his rare combination of fluidity, subtle elegance, and fierce animalistic intensity. His absolute love of tango is undeniable and shines through every movement he makes and every word he speaks.

Christa Rodriguez

Christa began her affair with tango as a completely incompetent beginner. Of course all beginners are incompetent at what they are beginning, by definition; that's the freedom and pleasure of being a beginner, but Christa was really bad. The veterans of the scene thought she might no make it, despite her extraordinary enthusiasm and hard work. Now, years later, she is one of the most influential dancers in the country and serves as the primary inspiration for a whole generation of female dancers (not to mention keeping the guys in line). She takes great pride in the progress of her students and continues to pursue her study of dance with the same voracious appetite as when she was that wobbly, wide-eyed teenager years ago. Those who know Christa well know her to be a master of creating beauty out of anything; be it sheet metal, a beat-up old guitar, oil on canvas, the intricate movements of tango, or a friend with two left feet.

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