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Carol Horowitz


Echo Tango Presents
Carol Horowitz
of Quebec, Canada

3/13/13 - 3/15/13



Perhaps not so well known outside of her native Quebec, Carol is actually one of the most experienced tango teachers/dancers in North America today. . . . She took her first baby tango steps more than 15 years ago, fell in love immediately......... and has been living tango full time every since  . . . .

Carol studied a huge variety of different Argentine Tango styles from the very traditional to the ultra nuevo, but credits her extensive early training in the salon style (with its emphasis on good posture and it's clearly defined lead and follow techniques) as the key to providing her with the solid technical base that has given her the freedom to really mature and develop as a follower. A graceful dancer with a very fluid and flowing style, Carol is much appreciated by her partners for her sensitivity and musicality and for her strong presence on the dance floor.

Carol's goal is to provide students with the keys necessary for a great dance experience. In class she pays particular attention to the role of the woman within the tango - and tries to give followers and their leaders the tools necessary to really connect with each other, as well as how to use subtle changes of dynamics, small details, and different musical interpretations to colour and add texture to their dance.  

Carol most often teaches and performs with Julio Otero, at studio TANGO montréal ( ) where they both work full time. They occasionally travel to give workshops and perform in other Canadian and U.S cities.  Carol has also had the honour to teach  and perform at various festivals with Tomas Howlin, Felipe Martinez and Somer Surgit and has assisted Pablo Veron during numerous workshops in Montreal and other North American cities..  Carol DJ's once a month at her studio in Montreal and when schedule permits at different marathons and fests in Canada and the U.S.






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